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Do you have a license to

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Paul Heyman

New Member
I do, but I don't use it anymore.

[And don't ask me if you can have it.... sorry, I don't own the license. It was just a previlege I had when I was an admin of a legit copy]


New Member
I don't have because it cost much money but if license will coast for example 10 Paunds or Euors i will buy it


New Member
Money is hardly to find, but its easy to wasted just like buying Vb license...
I will never pay for that ! And I Vote for NO !


New Member
At the moment I just have mock-ups so I do not pay. The day we go live I suppose we will have to pay (and the chosen skins too) because I can not see how you can stay alive without licencse if your forum has lot of traffic (for non warriors I mean).

Do you know how how vb checks your forum does not have an official license? I have never seen a hack for this.


New Member
Define "license."

chaotic_geo said:
Why when you have vBTEAM? :)
yeah that!

Draxofavalon said:
I have a licence, anyway vBTEAM is a friendly place for get Quality Skins, hacks and offer help.

samptaro said:
Why i be here, if i have license.
If my forum goes BIIIIIIG i gonna buy it...
That is exactly what I am going to do (am not a warrior).

Th3Eagle said:
My vBulletin is Licensed by vBTEAM :D
at the moment yes it is.


New Member
I own a legal vBulletin License..
I have legit access to
I don't go to
I come to vBTEAM


Cos the people are nicer, it is better, and more supportive, vBORG Sucks compared to vBTEAM. In terms of community and helpfulness.

Can I lose my license for being a member of vBTEAM Forums and helping out here? No I can't, so there is no harm.