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samptaro said:
Why i be here, if i have license.
If my forum goes BIIIIIIG i gonna buy it...

Not everyone is here for the nulled vB releases, we also provide premiums mods, styles and great help aswell! :)


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chaotic_geo said:
I always think "You have a license to kill" When I see this thread on forumhome lol. :D

Yup! I have License to kill VB license
Ops! I have 3 license site..

licensed by GYSN :p


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i have had a license since i was 13 years old. i try to put myself in the creators' position. i know i would absolutely hate it if all of my work was getting released all over the internet for free. but that's just my opinion.


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Boss_013 said:
need to make vB as open source
Agree with you Boss