What is your current favorite song these days

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by demetrius123, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. demetrius123

    demetrius123 New Member

    I guess it was asked before but I wanted to start it again to know the songs which are your most favorite these days because new songs are in the market now and it will help all us to know about some new good songs.
  2. turners

    turners New Member

    mine is Got to love you
  3. RewolonMega

    RewolonMega New Member

    Gangam style. It’s really nice song. This song is famous this day very much. We can hear this song every time.
  4. andria

    andria New Member

    PSY‘s Gangam style is my current favorite song. This is the first Korean song I listen and now I am humming the song all the time.
  5. SimonYoung

    SimonYoung New Member

    Definitely gangnam style is my favorite song these days.
  6. CharlesCarroll

    CharlesCarroll New Member

    Definitely PSY‘s Gangam style .
  7. LovelyTeddy

    LovelyTeddy New Member

    Cry. It’s the nice emotional song. I like to hear this song again and again. This song can feel me.
  8. RyanRichards

    RyanRichards New Member

    "far away" by chris richardson is my current favorite song.
  9. Freyaluke

    Freyaluke New Member

    I love Locked out of heaven by Bruno Mars.
  10. hughgrant

    hughgrant New Member

    My current favorite song is Hear me Coming by Yung Jac. Its a song from the Step Up Revolution. Its really amazing songs.
  11. StellCrase

    StellCrase New Member

    My favorite song is Gangam style. It is most famous in this day. I like their music very much. It is suitable for as a party song.
  12. MissHaringtoni

    MissHaringtoni New Member

    Te Amo by Rihanna. It is based on powerful music platform. I like listen to this song again and again.
  13. HanodManoda

    HanodManoda New Member

    Mine is No Promises by Shayne Ward. It is most famous song for the young crowd.
  14. faiRYgillion

    faiRYgillion New Member

    My favourite song is “thousand years” by Christina Perry. Because currently I am deeply in love with someone special.
  15. KlowHalikz

    KlowHalikz New Member

    My favorite song No promises in forever. I like to listen this song again and again. Their meaning feel my hear in every time.
  16. williamjohn

    williamjohn Member

    Gangam style is my all time favorite.
  17. paulaugust

    paulaugust New Member

    Of course all time favorite song is PSY Gangam style one of the best gesture album ever

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