Totallypro 3.8 problem


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hello, congratulations for your site is the best community for vbulletin.I do not speak English,i'm sorry for my bad english,I am italian and I am using the translation service google.I have a problem with the theme totallypro vers.per 3.8 even if I use the version 3.81.I want you see a problem this graphic can not fix

My site Ikariam | Alleanza SPQR, the main page of forum graphics are functional but if I go to watch a post lacks example Assistenza Forum - Ikariam | Alleanza SPQR .. Could you help me solve the problem.Thank you very much


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Hello mate,
I had the same problem with that theme, but couldn't fix it... I think the problem has got to do with the XML file...
Try to figure that out, if solved... please let me know!