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A little while ago I bought an SEO orientated domain. <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> I inteded to create some kind of resource site with links to SEO tools and resources.

However as with most of my projects I've realsied that I'm almost never goung to get around to doing this :rolleyes:

I wanted to ask if this domain name would actually be worth much? SEO Service is/was the most searched for SEO keyword on Overture. Though beacuse it's a .biz I guess this would detract from it's value.

I'd probably hang onto it if it wasn't worth much as I may get around to building somthing worthwhile on the domain someday.

What do you guys think?


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domain name extensions isnt not much of a big reason why it happens..success would depends on how effective your SEO campaign is..


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As these name is having very much competition so getting a first position is very difficult even for a .com extension so I really don't think the extension affect much for that.


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if it were on .com then it would have some value in hundred dollars but for .biz I'm not sure if you your expected price.


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extension does matter in seo and selling the domain name as well.

I would say that avoid using hyphens, and always use top tlds if possible.


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Mhhh, i wonder if a SEO-based domain name is still attractive. I think it's better to choose a short domain name people really easily can remember, so they come back faster. If you put some good content on the website, fully search engine qualified website, then you can get a lot visitors