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So the wife and I are butting heads because we both think the other looks alot better. So what we are trying to find is which one of us looks better/sexier? haha I already know where this is gonna end but I have to show her that she is the better looking person. So you Choose.


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I'll giva ya a vote, so that you don't feel alone. My girlfriend and I have exactly the same argue -.-

// but I'm not gonna put my pictures and ask everyone who looks sexier :D

P.S. I have firstly clicked on the girl (-.-), but then edited the votes, and the one that's for you is from me =..-


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D0n0tr0t0d said:
well hahah.....thanks guys!!!
but just so it's a smack in the face for her...let's see some more votes.

I clicked on your girls picture even though it's "x" out to me.

I am just not a fan of your Limp Bizkit look: