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    We have an order form that uses a ziplookup feature for when a zipcode is entered into a field, the city, county, state and zip are then entered into the same field.\[code\] <tr> <td class="formLabel" id="<%=prefix%>.ZipCodeLookup.label">Zip Code</td> <td class="formColon">:&nbsp;</td> <td class="formData"> <div id="zipOutput"></div> <input type="hidden" id="<%=prefix%>.city" name="<%=prefix%>.city" value="<%=City%>" /> <input type="hidden" id="<%=prefix%>.county" name="<%=prefix%>.county" value="<%=County %>" /> <input type="hidden" id="<%=prefix%>.state" name="<%=prefix%>.state" value="<%=State%>" /> <input type="hidden" id="<%=prefix%>.zip" name="<%=prefix%>.zip" value="<%=Zip %>" /> </td> </tr>\[/code\]The error on IE only is:lib.functions.dom.createInput// type=text name=shipping.ZipCodeLookup id=shipping.ZipCodeLookup // InvalidCharacterErrorlib.objects.window.LookupWidget.createInputField() // Unable to set property 'value' of undefined or null reference

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