How to use XmlAttributeOverrides with WCF


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I have a WCF service using basicHttpBinding. On a service method I have a class that is returned, for this class I need to dynamically / programmatically exclude properties and change property names for the XML. This needs to be done both in the WSDL and when the service method is called.I have searched for the best solution and it seems that I will need to (1) use the XmlAttributeOverrides with the XmlSerializer or (2) implement the IXmlSerializable on the class that needs to be customized. Or there may be a better solution altogether. I know that Property Name + "Specified" can be added to the class and then those properties can be excluded. However, this does not exclude in the WSDL and this doesn't solve the property renaming issue.Why do I want this? Because of globalization and customization of our application. There are many properties that are built into our application that may be renamed or hidden entirely from users of the application.After MUCH research I the best option is to swap out the WCF serializer with my own custom serializer. However, I never found good examples of how to do this for a custom class that would use the XmlSerializer. Also I'm not sure how I would pass in the XmlAttributeOverrides for a specific class.Also, this might not be the case for others who want this same functionality but in my application I only need to initialize the values once for the lifetime of the app. Too bad C# doesn't allow static readonly variables to be used with attributes.Here is an simple example of a class:\[code\]public Customer{ public string Address1 { get; set; } public string Address2 { get; set; } public string Zipcode { get; set; }}\[/code\]In this example I would like to for certain installations of the application use PostalCode instead of Zipcode and hide the Address2 property.Your help is very much appreciated.Thanks,Tyler