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Hello people. First off, let me just tell you that I am forever in all of your debts for having this site. I've been wanting a vBulletin for a very long time now, but man, the prices are ridiculous! So, thank you all for the contributions.

Now, a little about myself, I suppose. Name's MasterLuigi, big Nintendo fan y'know? I'm a big time forumer, so I know the ropes and you won't be getting any trouble from me. I'm currently in the process of building my website and forum (called GamerNet). My forum's being built with the vBulletin software (once again, praise be to God) and the site, well...that's still being worked out currently. So there you have it. A very brief summary of what I do and who I am. See you all around the board!



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Welcome Luigi! Be active, stay active, and don't be scared to ask what you think may be a silly question if you ever get stuck! We are all here to help each other :D