Feedback on these baby names, please.?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by pradazpurdy, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. pradazpurdy

    pradazpurdy New Member

    I'm pregnant with my first child & am having a hard time deciding on a boy name. I, obviously, don't know the gender yet (I'm only 10 wks). )<br />
    <br />
    Our last name is Huestis.<br />
    <br />
    If it's a girl, we will be naming her >>> Leila Monet Huestis. I've had this name chosen since I first thought of having children. I just think it's beautiful... and thankfully, so does my hubby! )<br />
    <br />
    The name I'm fond of for a boy is, Aidan William... but my hubby doesn't like the name Aidan. Any way I can convince him this is a wonderful name? *haha*<br />
    <br />
    Our first choice, that we both agreed on, was Alexander William. But, sadly his sister's son is named Anthony Alexander & they didn't seem very thrilled about us using that name. Our other thought was Caleb Joseph, but the more I see it, the more I dislike it.<br />
    <br />
    I'm trying to use his father's middle name (William) or my father's middle name (Joseph)... but such is not necessarily set in stone.<br />
    <br />
    Brody & Riley are other names I like, but they don't really seem to go with William or Joseph all that well.<br />
    <br />
    Any ideas would be helpful. I've been racking my brain like crazy. Aidan William is the one name that I truly love & it sucks being stuck on a name & having your partner dislike it. 'Course I still have like 7 months to persuade him! *LOL*<br />
    OK, so now my hubby's loving the name Aidan William. I can't believe it... I swung the name by him again & he really likes it. He wasn't sure why he didn't like it in the first place. MEN! *LOL*<br />
    <br />
    So - it's official. <br />
    <br />
    Girl = Leila Monet Huestis<br />
    Boy = Aidan William Huestis<br />
    I appreciate all your feedback, everyone! I'm really liking some of the names you thought of... I'll have to keep them for future reference. )<br />
  2. Kalina

    Kalina New Member

    Let him know that Aidan is a good name, would he rather have you wanting to name him Amanda Dakota?
  3. KariB

    KariB New Member

    You can convince him in 7 months ;)
  4. LEDIA

    LEDIA New Member

    Both parents need to love the first name

    So I would rule at Aiden William.

    Liam Joseph, Liam is a form of William
    I like Joseph William myself, Joey for a little boy is so cute
    Alexander William is a fine name. You do not want to call him Anthony

    Adam Joseph and Adam Williams came to mind when I saw Alexander and Aiden
  5. melissa_in_46176

    melissa_in_46176 New Member

    Aidan William is so cute it sounds strong! You have a while to make him like the name! I like it a lot! If you cant make him like it Tell him too bad lol!
  6. Amlie2ndAccount

    Amlie2ndAccount New Member

    Leila Monet is very beautiful!! So unique )

    What about Joseph William?

    Joseph William
    Joseph Reese
    William Joseph
    Brody Joseph
    Andrei William (OHN-dreh)
    Jaidan Willaim (has the name Aidan in it!)
    William Brad
    Ryan William
    Joseph Ryan

    I think Riley is too girly.
    Hope it's a girl, because then you don't need to worry about boy names!!
  7. joylen

    joylen New Member

    Liam Joseph
    Riley Liam
    Brody Liam
  8. RahLoo

    RahLoo New Member

    My favourite is Alexander William, I think it's great. I know your sister in law didn't like the idea, but Alexander is his middle name, and I don't think it should matter. If not, I love Joseph William or William Joseph, especially the meaning behind it, being named after his grandfathers.

    Hope it helps!
  9. 2boyzmommy

    2boyzmommy New Member

    First let me tell you CONGRATULATIONS! I love the name Leila. For a boy the name Aidan is gorgeous, my suggestions is mention it to your husband a couple more times, sometimes after hearing it for a while people change their minds. As for good boys names, I love the names I choose for my boys and the name my sister chose for her son,
    Mine are Hunter Mitchel and Gage Michael and my sister named her son Koledyn Patrick. Good luck figuring out names, with my first we couldn't decide until a month before we had him, my second we picked out his name as soon as we found out we were pregnant! Trust me you will find the perfect name!
  10. DanielleA

    DanielleA New Member

    Jaiden is such a great name. Jaiden William or Jaiden Joseph.. Jaiden Alexander. Jaiden Michael. It goes with anything and it is unique. Kudos to whoever said Jaiden!

    Good Luck and CongratS!!!!!!!
  11. dolphinnsfan

    dolphinnsfan New Member

    I love the name you've chosen for a girl! Very beautiful. As for boy names, Aidan/Aiden is a very very popular name right now, but if that doesn't bother you, you should consider it.

    The tough part is convincing your husband. You both have to agree, so if he really doesn't like it, consider his feelings and move on to other names.

    Brody Joseph and Riley Joseph are both beautiful names as well, and I think the middle name is fine. Have you considered Joseph William so you can name him after both grandfathers? It's a classic name.

    YOU get to name your child, so if you love the name Alexander (another classic), go for it. It's not like your sister-in-law is going to use Alexander much, it's just a middle name!! I'm sure they use "Anthony".

    I think you have some great choices but don't let outside influences make your decision. I've also learned that once you decide on a name sometimes it's good to wait until the baby is already born and named before telling others. Then you don't go through months of hearing comments from family and friends. Once your child is named, that is his or her name, period.
  12. Watingforbaby2

    Watingforbaby2 New Member

    Hi! My husband and I are the same. We have been battling names for months now! Aidan was our boy option 4 years ago... That is if we had a boy but now it is so poular. I love Brody or even Brogan and both go nicely with
    William! Good luck to you!!
  13. Fardreamer

    Fardreamer New Member

    I'm glad your husband changed his mind. those names are beautiful. my husband didn't agree on the name I wanted for my second son Jaxon Maddox. I told him that when he carried the baby for nine months he could name him whatever he wanted but until he did I got the final word on names.
  14. fafajeyjey

    fafajeyjey New Member

    Both parents need to love the first name
  15. fafa

    fafa New Member

    Brody Joseph
  16. bombo

    bombo New Member

    Both parents need to love the first name

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