Facebook Pro (fixed/fluid)


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Facebook Style

Brought to you by MYLS1 Fbody tech and performance | Install guides | Pics and Vids

What is it?
Facebook Clone vbulletin style. (Facebook standard and Facebook Music)
For vbulletin 3.7.x

This version includes everything you see on the demos, Fixed style and Fluid style, and both facebook and facebook music.

- Facebook pro (fixed and fluid)
- Facebook music (fixed and fluid)
- Added borders (for a closer look)
- New postbit legacy
- Friends product (separate page)
- New Icons
- Photoshop files to edit your logos, icons...


Demos: (My site has a red color, so at the bottom change style to Fcb Pro)

NewMusicStage - View Profile: Evans Blue
NewMusicStage - View Profile: Chris
MYLS1 - View Profile: Chris

This style does not includes the Gifts Product.
Navigate to see the full style in action, forums, memberlist, etc.

The Gifts Product you can get it from here-->

Install Style:

- Import xml style, fixed or fluid or both (if you have 3.7.2 check ignore version box)
- Upload fcb_images folder to images directory ( root / images / fcb_images
- Follow instructions provided to install friends product

Important Note 1:
Keep in mind that because is a fixed style, profile pics, albums should have the right size..

-Profile pics should be set to (384 width by 500 height max)
-Album pics should be set to (580 width by 604 height max)
-Album thumbs should be set to (126 width max)

Important Note 2:
If you are using root directory like yoursite.com/images you dont need to do any modifications.
If you are using root directory like youriste.com/forums/images then you will need to edit the following template:

- Ad location templates >> ad_header_end
and add forums/ or forum/ (depending on your image path) on the images url that are located for the left side menu.


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the idea is great but when I tried it, it looks bad

it needs alots of work for it to become a good template


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Very nice template. But....

There is a link at the top right of the template that says 'buy gifts addon' which directs to 'http://www.mywebsite.com/forum/fcb.php'.

Can anyone please upload this add-on? It's not included in the pack and I don't want to buy it because I'm not sure what it would be like on my website.

Also, does anyone know how to remove the advertisements from the left column?



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Hey Thank You Very much for the style i was looking for this...
umm i wanted to ask that, how do i put my logo on the top left of the main page? its just simply showing My Forums Title i.e. "Mysite Forums COmmunity" link how do i change it?. And secondly how can i change the theme color to black?


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Ok Sorry tht was a silly question i found the answer myself we can edit the colors from the "Style Manager" n edit css templates :p


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Ok , I got one more problem , i'm trying to install facebook connect mod on this style , but i cant find the USERCP_SHELL content anywhere in the style , i tried the search too, can you tell me where do i find this line ? <tr><td class="$navclass[password]" nowrap="nowrap"><a class="smallfont" href="profile.php?$session[sessionurl]do=editpassword">$vbphrase[edit_email_and_password]</a></td></tr>