Do you like Video games??????


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If you do give me a star.<br />
also please answer this question first good answer gets 10 points.<br />
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I like games!!!!<br />


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Yes, I like the video games and these are my favourite games.
1. Total Overdose
2. Half-Life
3. Medal of Honor
4. Call of Duty.


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Yes I like to play video games because it gives me lots of fun and also reduce my stress. Here some of my favorite video games like: Dark Souls, Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Batman: Arkham City, FIFA Soccer 12, Xenoblade Chronicles and Outland.


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I like Video game in mine childhood.Video game may help improve mood.Some of mine favourite Video game are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PlayStation 3,Just Dance 3,: Ice Man,: Heather Mason.


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Yes, I like to play video games to spending my free times. Some of my favorite video games are like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Mass Effects 3, Heavy Rain, Super Mario Galaxy, Need For Speed (NFS) and Age of Empires.


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Yeah, I like to play video games on my PC with doing other works. My favorite games are like Heavy Rain, Portal 2, Angry Birds, Super Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty, Contra, Counter Strike, Mafia 2, Mass Effect 3 and many more.


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Yes. I just love video games. I play all the time. And my favorite video games are:

- Contra
- Mario
- Spartan
- Ice lander
- Road Fighter.


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Yes , i like very much to play video games ...
Here is my favorite Games --
1. Super Mario
2. Playstation
3. Car Racing
4. Baseball


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Nowadays, Small people very like video games. There are many video games available which is different types like NFS, Cricket, prince of persia, Spider Man. I like NFS most wanted. It is one typf of mission games. I like this type of games.