Do you like for a coffee shop name Steamer Joe's or Steamers Fine Coffee best?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by craigl, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. craigl

    craigl New Member

    Thanks for any help and feedback.<br />
  2. wisdominknowledge

    wisdominknowledge New Member

    steamer joe's
  3. agille742

    agille742 New Member

    Steamers fine coffee but it's close =)

    SUNERGY New Member


    Steamers = Freshly Brewed!

    Fine = High Quality!

    Coffee = Descriptive of the category of your Business!

    Have steamy fun brewing hot cups of fresh coffee served with exquisite Belgian or European pastries!

    To spice things up, how about some fine Hooters-style cafe service attendants.

    That would spike up your business aplenty with free PR via local TV / Radio / Newspapers!

    Best regards!
  5. RickyRedwood

    RickyRedwood New Member

    What kind of image do you want to present? Steamer Joe's is just a coffee shop. Steamer's Fine Coffee says I'm selling a premium product that is better than the other coffee you've been drinking.

    Are you looking to serve the average Joe, or are you looking to serve a premium product? Which one will sell in your area? I prefer the premium product.

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