C++ - rapidxml crashes program during parse, only as release program


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My program only crashes in Release mode without a debugger, and my program returns status 3 (I'm not sure if that is important), when trying to parse with rapidxml. It is not a memory leak (at least, not written by me).This code crashes the program:\[code\]std::vector<char> vec = m_push_map_vector(m_filedata);rapidxml::xml_document<> doc;doc.clear();doc.parse<rapidxml::parse_full>(&vec[0]);\[/code\]The vector creating code is:\[code\]std::vector<char> TMXParser::m_push_map_vector(const std::string data){ std::vector<char> vec; vec.clear(); vec.reserve(vec.size() + data.size()); std::copy(data.begin(), data.end(), std::back_inserter(vec)); vec.push_back('\0'); vec.shrink_to_fit(); return vec;}\[/code\]Debug works perfectly as expected. I'm not sure what's wrong. Any ideas?I'm using MinGW 4.7.0 in Codeblocks.