Bryant is not hair on an issue sunglasses leave the body is designed to love Monster


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Bryant's hair There is no particular trend at slightly childish a small curly hair to make a difference in entering the Union, but also allow people to remember him. After that, the maturing Bryant has become the league's most popular skinhead, he no longer need a different hairstyle to let other people remember their own, because he is the NO.1 of the Union. Sometimes, Bryant will choose the short hair against the scalp. With 96 generation Iverson (pigtail head) and compared to this - Wallace (first explosion), Bryant has never been a big fuss in their hair, suitable for their own best.
Some people say that to imitate Jordan, Kobe Bryant, this is not fake, but if the theory of the choice of their own accessories, and Bryant have their own unique vision, which has a great relationship and he was Europe's fashion capital Milan grew up, from small monasteries Bryant has been wearing all kinds of fashion sunglasses, and sometimes there is a small diamond stud earrings, there is a big "Monster" ear cups in their head - even the "magic sound" headphones. he will also have different colors, common white, there are violet and gold with the Lakers.