Your fav type of MUSIC?

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by fdrix, May 5, 2012.

  1. fdrix

    fdrix New Member

    ♪ █ ♫♫ ►music◄ ♫♫ █ ♪?

    What kind of music do you like the most ??

    RAP, did i say EMINEM? ;)
  2. Ashwin

    Ashwin New Member

    My fav type of Music

    1. Romantic Songs
    2. Love Songs
    3. Sad songs
    4. DJ songs

    but i like love songs very much ...
    because its touch to heart and good feelings for love ....
  3. k4rn4ge

    k4rn4ge New Member

    Hip/Hop, Rock and Dubstep.
  4. xterm32

    xterm32 New Member

  5. keyleigh

    keyleigh New Member

    It depends on mod. I mostly like to listen classical, soft and romantic music. I also like to listen jazz, pop and Hip hop.
  6. redareda440

    redareda440 New Member

    My fav type of Music is algerinne type

    1. ray
    3. malouf
    4. hawzi
  7. ribaro

    ribaro New Member

    I like almost all kind of music, but my favorite are romantic songs and Richard Clayderman.
  8. newdz

    newdz New Member

    rai and chaabi
  9. demetrius123

    demetrius123 New Member

    Its depends on mood. I like all type of music. While sitting alone a like to listen soft music and with friends and i like rock and remix.
  10. turners

    turners New Member

    I like rap
  11. celandine

    celandine New Member

    It depends with my mode. At the moment I like rock. Because it’s making me so energetic.
  12. ralphia

    ralphia New Member

    Rock music is my all time favourite. While listening it helps me to forget every problem I have.
  13. SherryChamble

    SherryChamble New Member

    I’m like
    • Romantic songs
    • Rock songs
    • Pop songs

    These are best for listening. I have large collection of these types song.
  14. ShillMilga

    ShillMilga New Member

    I love listening to rock music. Because it is really entertaining and no feelings as boring.
  15. GilikaHilko

    GilikaHilko New Member

    Mine is rock music. Because I can entertain with that type. I have a huge collection of rock songs. Their has up to date songs.
  16. JellyBeans

    JellyBeans New Member

    I don’t have a specific type, like all the kinds of versions. But most of the time I listen to hip-hop, pop, classical and R&B.
  17. RimyJimy

    RimyJimy New Member

    I love rock and pop music. Sometimes I listen to classical music to relax my mind.
  18. DonkeyGraps

    DonkeyGraps New Member

    I like to listen romantic song. Because romantic song has a powerful music platform. It can feel to us.
  19. YosefCook

    YosefCook New Member

    I love Dubstep and rock music. I listen to them every day.
  20. MazendaLee

    MazendaLee New Member

    Classic is my favorite.

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