Why Not Bypass Password Windows 7 Login In This Way?

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    Windows 7, work as a powerful operating system, take much convenience to our job and life. In order to make our pc much securer, we would like to set a windows 7 password. Ask yourself, what would you do if you forgot windows 7 password and need to bypass it? If you have no idea about this issue, read the following steps to learn how to bypass windows 7 password.

    Bypass Windows 7 password from “Control Panel”

    Step 1: After log in, go to “Start>>Control Panel”.
    Step 2: Click on “User Accounts and Family Safety>>User Accounts” option. Then select the user account whose password you want to bypass.
    Step 3: Now click “Make changes to your user account”. Then select “Remove your Password”.
    Step 4: Now enter your current password and then click on “Remove Password” to confirm.
    Step 5: Now you can test it out by simply restart your PC. When you do, Windows Vista should automatically log you on.

    This method is really helpful. However, if you forgot windows 7 login password, it can not work at all. At this time, you should have a professional tool such as Windows Password Recovery tool to help you bypass windows 7 password. This professional windows software offers you an easy and safe way to recover the forgotten Windows password. With this software you can create a password reset CD or USB flash drive, and then you can use the CD/USB flash drive to bypass windows 7 login password . You do not need to reinstall or reformat anything.

    Windows 7 password bypass methods aren't limited to this this options. There are still other options for you. You just find one suits you best to bypass password windows 7. Good luck to you!

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