why can't i get a free credit report?


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just a few moments ago i attempted to request a free credit report from the three major bureaus (experian, etc)from a legit website and it said ....<br />
<br />
We're sorry, for your protection we are unable to deliver your FACT Act Equifax Free Annual Credit Report on the internet. There are a number of reasons that we may be unable to fulfill your request online. You may have a Security Freeze on your credit file, an Active Duty Military or Fraud Alert, or the identification information submitted online may not match the information on file. <br />
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what would cause someone to have a security freeze? i've never been affiliated with the military, I DID suspect fraud on my bank account just two months ago, BUT that doesnt explain why i couldnt get my credit report the same time last year, back when i got my first credit card and had no credit whatsoever (a friend suggested i do that after she found out her parents used her SSN to take out a mortage they later defaulted!).<br />
i thought getting a credit report was simple, whats with the hassle?<br />
i have a total of 7,000 in debt in all (that includes 5,000 for my school loan that i pay one time each month) and the 2,000 in credit card debt. <br />
<br />
they did say i could mail in a few documents , but will this solve the problem? has this happened to anyone else, is this common, or is this bad?<br />
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First; Disregard the answers of idiot 1 and 2!

I don't know why it came back the way it did, but I will suggest the following;

1. Go to the Yellow pages and get the address for all three of the big three.
2. Write a letter and mail them the request ((By law everyone is allowed one free credit report per year if they mail in a request).

If that doesn't work I wish you luck. What ever happened to your friend that the parents used her SS for their loan?
Yes, this has happened to me, if you suspected fraud on your bank account. Your bank probably placed the freeze alert with the credit bureaus. You can send in the photocopies of the documents and in a few days, you will receive your credit report in the mail. They are just trying to protect your identity. The freeze falls off of your credit report after a several months. This is very common and it is not bad. It does not affect or change your credit score or report any.
P.S.S. It is still free.


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There could be many reasons why you are having problems in getting your reports.

It's not unusual for the CRA's to request information from you before they release the reports to you.
Often that information consists of a copy of your drivers license, or other ID, and a copy of a utility bill in your name.

When you send in copies of your drivers license and utility bill - mark out the state issued number (which should not be your SSN) on your DL and mark out the account number on the utility bill.
You do not have to mark out that info, but if you do not want that info "shared" by the CRA's (to other companies) then marking it out will keep them from sharing/selling it.

If you send in the info to prove you are who you say you are, it should solve the problem. If it doesn't, then contact each CRA that is still refusing to send your reports and request to be transferred to the special handling dept. (but send your info in first before attempting to contact the special handling dept.)


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If you've ever reported anything lost or stolen or reported suspected fraud, that's an automatic alert that comes up. It's very easy for someone to access someone elses credit report online if they have a couple small details...if you've already reported potential fraud, they more or less bloack that avenue right off. Try calling the company directly. They will ask you several security questions to verify that it is you calling and then send it to you.


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In an effort to protect your personal information, the credit bureaus use some rather drastic security measures. The law required that they give you free reports, but it doesn't say they have to make it easy.

My last reports were a real pain. It wouldn't let me have them on-line, so I sent a letter. But some moron at Equifax entered my address incorrectly.....a very minor error that was very obvious. But because my drivers license address was not exactly the same as my credit report was reporting, they rejected my request. So I sent it again, with even more proof.

Again it was rejected.

My third attempt came with an attached letter written by my wife during a rather severe PMS episode. I don't know where she came up with those words....I never heard of some of them. And I've worked around a lot of construction people!

Got my report a week later.

So what you need to do is send in a written request. Include proof if your identity such as drivers license and a copy of a utility bill with your name and address on it. That should do the trick.


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These services most offen need payment because simply people do not want to share it free when it cost money to develop it.