who can help me give tool for promote website


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who can help me give tool for promote website If you read on this forum long enough, you will know the answer to that question. Don't use a "tool". Beat the "internet streets" going website to website that is related to yours and beg and plee for backlinks. Make sure they are a quality site and are related to you. Improve your site's content to match keywords (without spamming the words). Long story short, if you don't have any friends, Google doesn't want to be your friend. If you have tons of friends (backlinks) Google buys your friendship with PageRank. You have to really work your site. There is no easy way to just install a software or use some magical tool and 'BOOM' your site is in the top 10. Then everyone could do it and you wouldn't be in the to 10. I agree. There is no tool that will help you promote your website. You have to continually do everything (or most things) that everyone is talking about to get traffic to your website. Tools can be used for black hat seos
However it can get your website banned quickly in google , yahoo ,etc. thank you for answer me this is best answer to me i agree with them...improve your sites contents...have a unique and quality contents...improve your link popularity.... http://www.seochat.com/ - used for onpage and offpage optimization.

The greatest tool to promote your website is... your mind, LOL. ( seo c h a t ) mess cookies and ads
made my pc almost crazy
Best tool are seo forums like this one where you learn! You'll always have to come back to the forums to keep up to date also. do you interested in for promotional software Website tools are just like all other kinds of tools. You have to know how and when to use them


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I think, you need to research on the internet to which marketing method is good for business. Advertise your business through promotional product marketing method, it would be helpful for your business to getting more and more visitor on your site.