Which of the following names do you like best for a coffee shop. Thanks for your help and feedback.?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by craigl, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. craigl

    craigl New Member

    Steamer Joe?s Coffee<br />
    Steamers Highland Coffee<br />
    Steamers Signature Coffees<br />
    Steamers Coffee Roasters<br />
    Steamers Fine Coffees<br />
    Steamer Joes<br />
    Steamers CoffeeHouse<br />
    Steamin? Joes<br />
    Steamin? Joes Coffee<br />
    <br />
  2. I like Steamer Joe's
    How about Steamer's Gourmet Coffee Shoppe?
  3. Andi

    Andi New Member

    Steamer Joe's
  4. BrandonJ

    BrandonJ New Member

    Steamers Highland Coffee

    But what about Grinding Steamers Coffee House?
  5. usookyoote

    usookyoote New Member

    Steamer Joes D it has a ring to it =]
  6. josie

    josie New Member

    Personally, I like;
    Steamin' Joes Cafe'
    Steamin' Joes Java Cafe'
    Steamin' Joes Cafe'
    I really like the sound and look of the word Java and Cafe'.
    Even with;
    Steamer Joes Cafe'...it sounds better..
    Steamer Joes Java...play with it.
    good luck
  7. spylady

    spylady New Member

    steamers CoffeeHouse , i think it just tells what it is just looking at the name. I like that one -)
  8. MissJohnson

    MissJohnson New Member

    Steamin' Joes Coffee
    OR Steamin Coffee Cafe.
  9. Liz

    Liz New Member

    Steamer Joe's would be a good bet. It sounds more like a place to relax and unwind instead of all business like. People have to look professional all the time, its nice to go somewhere that is a little offbeat. Good luck!
  10. JoanneOx

    JoanneOx New Member

    I prefer the names with Joe in them it sounds more personal
  11. 7331

    7331 New Member

    Steamin Joes is my favorite one. How about Steamin Beens
  12. northshoregirl88

    northshoregirl88 New Member

    I like Steamers Highland Coffee
  13. ClemenceL

    ClemenceL New Member

    Steamers signature coffee
  14. animallover

    animallover New Member

    What is Steamers meant to be?
    Stick to simplicity. Much more public oriented.
    When you add too many words is pushes some of the public away.
    They become intimitated by these and feel it is too high end and too expensive for the general public.

  15. bebe

    bebe New Member

    Steamer Joes - its short and snappy!
  16. fafajeyjey

    fafajeyjey New Member

    Steamers Highland Coffee

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