whats your favorit game ?


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Whats your favorit game ?
it doesn´t matter weather you use v3arcade or Ibproarcade ...

My favorit is
Penguin olympics & Roulette


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My favorite video games are such as like Rallisport Challenge, Half Time, Call of Duty, Scaler, Speed Kings, Mass Effect II, Mafia 2, TimeSplitters 2 and Contra Fighters.


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Mass effects III is my favorite video game. It has wonderful action and imaginations which increase well interest. It is fully fight and mission game which make it the best and attractive game.


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My favorite games are like Heavy Rain, Portal 2, Angry Birds, Super Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty, Contra, Counter Strike and Mass Effect 3. I mostly played this games by for the purpose of entertainment myself. Its best to feel relaxation from stress and tension.