What is your favorite time-pass?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rosicky, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. rosicky

    rosicky New Member

    What is your favorite time-pass?
    I love to chatting on facebook in various groups chat window on different topic.
  2. shanelackson

    shanelackson New Member

    My favorite time pass is watching movie, Play games and internet surfing. These three things are favorite for time pass.
  3. AroganZell

    AroganZell New Member

    I love to chat with friends in facebook and get the video call with my boyfriend in the Skype. If got free time. I get my laptop and connecting with above applications.
  4. smartlove

    smartlove New Member

    I like to Watch movies,Listen music online,chat with friends.
  5. HalyBegona

    HalyBegona New Member

    I like to chat with friends in the facebook and go to park with my boy friend. These are the way of time passing.
  6. areya

    areya New Member

    my favourite time pass is watching movie and online shopping
  7. Pixcel

    Pixcel New Member

    Well my favourite time pass is Play games and online shopping
  8. MillokSerry

    MillokSerry New Member

    I’m passing time with Facebook or sleeping. If feel boring chat with friends, I’m sleeping.
  9. Moodie

    Moodie New Member

    I always go with android. You could buy cheaper phones with android platform also it is very user friendly.
  10. AngryCat

    AngryCat New Member

    I’m chatting with my friends in the Facebook. Actually I am happy with them.
  11. ZillaKlame

    ZillaKlame New Member

    I like to pass my time with my friends. That’s why I engage with Facebook and Google +.
  12. ShillMilga

    ShillMilga New Member

    Mine is chatting with friends. It is really nice and enjoyable time passing method.
  13. candice067

    candice067 New Member

    shopping is my favourie time pass
  14. HaidiJohn

    HaidiJohn New Member

    I'm watching horror movies as my time passing activity. It's an enjoyable activity for me.
  15. maddymoz

    maddymoz New Member

    Play games and internet surfing
  16. JipzDefen

    JipzDefen New Member

    I like to chat with friends and try new recipe.
  17. KipplzLogiz

    KipplzLogiz New Member

    I'm chatting with friends. It is my favorite time passing thing.
  18. laxmi reddy

    laxmi reddy New Member

    I am mostly enjoy with kids and listing music,these are my time pass things.

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