Texter: Text substitution app


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Some my know and use this already but I only found it last night and think its really cool...

Windows only: Text substitution app Texter saves you countless keystrokes by replacing abbreviations with commonly used phrases you define.

Unlike software-specific text replacement features, Texter runs in the Windows system tray and works in any application you're typing in. Texter can also set return-to markers for your cursor and insert clipboard contents into your replacement text, in addition to more advanced keyboard macros. Did we mention it's free?


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Well for me its good as I can write a basic template structure and then call it @ anytime with only a few keystrokeS saving a lot of time, also it is not just editor related it basiclly works for everything like I have a few for vBTEAM:

VBTW = Hi & welcome to vBTEAM, enjoy your stay! :)
[MO = [mod ][/mod] (without space)

It just saves time...;)


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Can use for coding

IF = <if condition="$show['condition']
vBM = vbmenu_control
vB = vBulletin