RED Mosque/Hufsah Madressah and ISLAM


we are all aware of the critical situation that is prevailing in the federal area in the name of Islam.yesterday,the In-charge of red mosque(lal masjid) Maulana Abdul Aziz announced the establishment of parallel judicial system in the mosque and sister the same time ,he also announced that if the govt.tries to interfere or attach the area the students will not hesitate in attempting suicide attacks to rout govt. on its fronts.<br />
It is stated that the main purpose of this sort of announcements is to make arrangements for the establishment of the true islam in the country bcoz Pakistan was founded on the name of islam,and no stone will left unturned in making efforts for the flourishment of islam throughout the country.<br />
It is the hot issue of the day in Pakistan and many questions are arising.women of Hasfah Madressah are shown with the sticks in their hands screaming slogons against the immorlity descended in the country.<br />
how should we take this this something to do with politics, morality or terrorism??cant it be compared with the TAlibani doctrines? no doubt,it has been considered as a taliban supported movement and the students are becoming the pro-taliban brigade.<br />
<br />
the actions done by the students of the concerned mosque and the announcements made by administration are condemned and criticised by the govt. and even the islamic scholars because making such announcements and and use of power(as done by the students) to impliment islam (by a group of people) is never the spirit of Islam.<br />
do Islam allows the suicide attacks in such saituations bya single a group who want to impliment islam forcefully and forcably(it is rediculous to think like this)???<br />
was this group flourishing silently...that at this stage it has become a threat to the country??<br />
or <br />
Was Govt. sleeping till now or waiting for something considerable or miserable to come up and happen???<br />
<br />
doesnt it look like that the talibanian school of thought has held the roots of the country????<br />
why the still reluctant to take steps to impede their way towards extremism??<br />
in such a crucial situation what is the impact of Pakistan on the international media where Pakistan is already very notorious in this regard....and even when Pakistan is an ally of US against terrorism?????<br />
and especially how will islam be presented on global screen even when we know that islam is other name of morality,humanity,humbleness and modesty???<br />
cant this sort of activities be considered as the reaction against the govt.'s ultra modernisation towards Islam??? believes it or not,govt is not depicting islam on true grounds.....what i believe,if pro taliban brigade of Laal masjid is one extreme....Govt is the other(there are no. of examples one of them is the PTV's censor policy).where we know that Islam is itself is the name of balance.shouldnt this brigade think that the best way to spread and preach islam is to be sweet and soft than harsh and cruel as their is no cruelty or "jabar" in islam???? but at the same time it is the fact that it is not the state that preaching or spreading of islam is required but the implementation of the rules and laws is required and the only way it can be done is when Govt.feels its responsibility towards it.<br />
<br />
<br />
its govt.duty to impliment islam on true basis with all its spirit rather than letting any other group to raise and deliver orders of its own accord.<br />
i will be grateful to all of you if u discuss this hot issue with all facts and figures because it is the hour of grief for me when i have a look on the country's internal situation.<br />