Is there no movie you particularly like in recent years?


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In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, there has been a depressive atmosphere in the air. Even in this difficult atmosphere, the film and television industry has not slack off.
The films and TV shows of various countries are continuously updated and emerge in endlessly.
Among them, Japan's classic theaters: Detective Conan series I have always liked very much.
My favorite sentence is: There is no such thing as a detective, because there is always only one truth
This is a sentence that appeared on tv, and the deduction battle between Conan who turned back into Shinichi and Heiji.
The next step is to introduce the latest theatrical version information. In the film and television promotion of my blog, there is an article about Conan theatrical version.
Let's take a look, the film and television promotion that eliminates spoilers.
They are "Halloween Bride" and "Scarlet Bullet"