how do i record on my ps2?

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by InFamous6121, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. InFamous6121

    InFamous6121 New Member

    i have an aiptek video recorder, can i just hook it up to my ps2 using the usb cable, or is it something else?<br />
  2. DragonLord66

    DragonLord66 New Member

    you can't record on a ps2 . you could record gameplay video playing on the TV with the camera hooked up.
  3. TStodden

    TStodden New Member

    I'm sorry to report that you'll be unable to use the PS2 USB ports for recording purposes. The main reason is that you need drivers for the PS2 for it to recognize your video recorder.

    HOWEVER, the traditional method of connecting your PS2 to your video recorder through the A/V cables (& your video recorder to your TV, so you can see what you're doing) is guaranteed to work as it's normally used by world record video game players to record their submissions on VHS.
  4. MaX

    MaX New Member

    If you want to record any console you will have to buy a Capture Card. You install them into your computer, and then hook the other end of it to your TV. In other words, it does not connect directly to your PlayStation.
  5. XxSharpShooterXx

    XxSharpShooterXx New Member

    no you cant. nice avatar by the way XD
  6. k4rn4ge

    k4rn4ge New Member

    You cannot, unless you don't care about good HD quality.
  7. Mica1016

    Mica1016 New Member

    Is bad for you computer
  8. turners

    turners New Member

    I don't think u can record on ps2

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