Have you been hacked? Share with us

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dark_hunter, May 5, 2009.

  1. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    I have been hacked while I was hosting my friends forum, they used 3.5.0 and it was hacked within 1 day.

    So share your times you have been hacked.
  2. micky13

    micky13 New Member

    I never have been. Hope it stays that way.
  3. Cyber-boy

    Cyber-boy New Member

    Me too..
    You must keep your forum secure.
    It seemd your friends are new in vb because they were hacked in only 1 day..
  4. CrapH

    CrapH New Member

    a forum i had for over a year was hacked through an exploit in the shoutbox, had to change a few things and write some htaccess rules, the hacker managed to create 25k admin accounts so had to restore user base from a backup.

    i luckily had a small prog running on my server that notified me by email when any admin changes were made so i imanaged to stop any real damage within a few minutes of the first change, although had to take board offline for a few days to patch the holes.

    the same hacker also attacked a froum i use a lot ~(nulled-scriptz)~ i emailed the owner of that site with the hackers name address and email details and home telephone number (amazing what you can find out about people using an ip address)

    vb forum owners need to check all the scripts and mods they use to see if there are any exploits for them before installing
  5. h@ck3r

    [email protected] New Member

  6. micky13

    micky13 New Member

    I was just hacked :( not because of a vB problem, but because i was too trusting in others.
  7. You dont need an IP address to find alot of information about someone. Just use who is, or google lol.
  8. susen

    susen New Member

    u r right bro i have this problem 2 :(:(:(:(
  9. Gh0st

    Gh0st New Member

    I got hacked in 2008, some guy hacked into my vBulletin database and it stopped working.
  10. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

    I've been DoSed many times, but not hacked.
    If you want to protect your website, you must think like a hacker ;)
  11. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    (Hacked 2 times in phpbb)2005-2006 hacked Webspell and Phpbb 1 (2007-2009).... Thats all :D Ddosed 1 server for 12 hours was funny was a game server ^^ :p
  12. send415

    send415 New Member

    i got hacked ones for noting
  13. Everlast

    Everlast New Member

    My church website got hacked close to ANZAC Day. Some Turkish Muslim did it, I never had access to the server so I never got to find out who. Not a vBulletin website though but it still got hacked.
  14. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    i have been hacked once when i started a forum at vb, defacement after that i have did 100's of defacements.
  15. absinth

    absinth New Member

    I never have been. Hope it stays that way
  16. wsiintra

    wsiintra New Member

    No, Till no, if in the future then surely i will share it with you.
  17. bhatti4200

    bhatti4200 New Member

    Error 404 replies the most funny and most informative post...
  18. rosicky

    rosicky New Member

    I was just hacked not because of a vB problem, but because i was too trusting in others.
  19. hughgrant

    hughgrant New Member

    I have been hacked with some application that I have installed. Its something that it works for the purpose on the third party tools.
  20. Rahix

    Rahix New Member

    Hacking? I`m afraid of being hacked.

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