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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by apocalypticdreaming, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. apocalypticdreaming

    apocalypticdreaming New Member

  2. mammu

    mammu New Member

    Its faster than firefox!
    But still no plugins like java. :(
  3. apocalypticdreaming

    apocalypticdreaming New Member

    The Chrome browser includes a more powerful JavaScript engine, V8, for the next generation of web applications that aren't even possible in today's browsers. It's all r built in.
  4. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    its nothing next to Firefox such a stupid design and plus no status bar that is visible all time boring its light and fast but not like FireFOx
  5. MisterTom

    MisterTom New Member

    the whole truth, the world is mine..

    • Search Engine > Google
    • Web Browser > Google Chrome
    • Operating System > Google OS
    • Cars and Aircrafts > Google Scout
    • World > Google World
    • Godhead > Google God

    man proposes, google disposes.
  6. chaotic_geo

    chaotic_geo New Member

    Fucking shit. Ugly. Missing the WYSIWYG editor as well as some nice effects on the drop downs.

    Had to repair some random bug on my board which took 1 hour because of it.

    It is only a BETA though.
  7. Morpheus

    Morpheus New Member

    Safari and opera also lack wysiwyg on vB, this doesn't mean that they are shitty browsers.
    vB staff will let Opera (and probably chrome) use vB wysiwyg editor in the near future.
  8. Mohan

    Mohan New Member

    Looks cool but not friendly like firefox. executes javascripts faster but has already been exploited the first day itself
  9. Fresh KaT

    Fresh KaT New Member

    IT`s just a beta.. I will wait for the full version :)
  10. chaotic_geo

    chaotic_geo New Member

    Meh. Nothing special.
  11. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    its nothing but a ""
  12. Th3Eagle

    Th3Eagle New Member

  13. LiAmmx

    LiAmmx New Member

    Is it really as bad as to deserve blocking?
  14. abdouacly

    abdouacly New Member

    Google chrome is a web browser which with different features. It maid by Google which specially to increase well security of computer system and users data from hackers. It has well features which improve need of users.
  15. wsiintra

    wsiintra New Member

    I am using Mozilla Firefox and i think its the best browser and fast, bit in terms of security Chrome is the best.
  16. perybutler

    perybutler New Member

    Google create a web browser which known as Google chrome. It is very simple but most useful internet browser. It create good effects of security and speed. It has all ultimate features which increase well popularity in users.
  17. efext

    efext New Member

    It's real nice, I have tried it and advise you guys should join up.
  18. wsiintra

    wsiintra New Member

    I also used Chrome, although its very fast than firefox but its not so much user friendly like FF. This is the reason that i always use FF.
  19. Rickryne

    Rickryne New Member

    Google chrome is one type of browser. It is one of the best browser. If you want to internet access then you can not use internet without browser. There are many browser available but Google Chrome is best compare to other browser.
  20. joyfb

    joyfb New Member

    It's better than all other browser's.

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