getting images in image part on google


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how do i get my sports pictures in the google part of images on googleyou talking about like you type in a word and it gives you a crap load of pictures on that word? if so I believe they pull them from web sites that are listed into their search engines..If not than it is prob a thing that you have to email it to googles directly and they deicide if they want to use it..I think getting images in google images is similar to the way you get text reported in google text search...Basically, make sure that the textual descriptions surrounding images reflect the image's content, and that the image's title tags describe its content too.Google should then automatically index the images. Note, though, that the keyword "sport" is going to be competitive, so unless you've got mega-rankings you might not find your sport image in the first 100 or so...
For that just submit your images in the image sharing sites like flickr, pinterest and many more.. But don't forget to include alt tag attributes for those image which you are submitting.