freshman mile time?..?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by AshleyD, May 25, 2008.

  1. AshleyD

    AshleyD New Member

    im a [girl] freshman and this week i rann a 7 min , 3 seconds mile....<br />
    *i don't train for running or anything but we had to run it because of field hockey.. [and we did a 12 minute run, and i had the most laps out of all grades fieldhockey players around the track during that time.. 6.5 laps]<br />
    and is that time for the mile a good starting point, or no?<br />
    <br />
    if i start "training" and working on my mile time, what time [or how much time could i chop off] could i possibly have by beginning of sophmore year, senior year?<br />
    <br />
    anything & tips & feedback is very helpful =]<br />
  2. D

    D New Member

    That's a pretty decent time, without training. If you're serious and you really want to train, and I mean train hard, you might be able to shave off anything from a couple seconds to half a minute. It depends on how difficult the 703 mile was for you. I have no doubt you could break 7 and run a 6 something!

    I recommend joining a cross country team at your school. Since it's only a few weeks into school, I'm sure you can still join the team. I did my sophomore year, and it was by far one of my best highschool experiences so far. (

    If you want to train on your own, and need pointers, feel free to ask me! I'm a pretty experienced runner. (

    Good luck, and don't run too do not want to kill the love of running!
  3. RyanL

    RyanL New Member

    Look at that "D." guy hes prolly a nerd at school

    7;03 is a good time
    if you join the cross country team it would help alot
    I got a 655 mile time in 8th grade
    (i joined xc for 2 yrs)
    first day of highschool in a few days D
  4. NadaNada

    NadaNada New Member

    Sub 6 minutes would be a good thing to aim for by the end of freshman year.
  5. patsrule327

    patsrule327 New Member

    ehh, i don't know, most guys are faster then girls but im in 8th and i run the mile in 634 but i ran that when i was in 7th so im probley faster

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