For a boy, which spelling of the following name do you like best: Remi or Remy?


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I read soewhere that 'Remy' was the name of the animated rat in "Ratatouille." The name Remi, as I'm sure you know, is affiliated with the wine... So, based on appearance, which spelling do you like? Also, which spelling of this name do you think the little boy would get teased more for having (if at all?)<br />
Thank you. ^]<br />


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i like Remy myself. i first found that name while reading the kushiel's legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. unfortunately (spoiler!) he is slain in the second book. it a great name though!


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I would be tempted to pronounce Remi ruh-ME while I would definitely pronounce Remy REH-me, with the accent on the first syllable.

So it just depends with pronunciation you want. I'm partial to Remy since the "y" makes it seem more masculine.

It's a very nice name, I like it! =)


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for a boy i'd say remy. for a girl i'd say remi.

i always thought of remington the gun, not so much the wine.


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I don't think that a boy would be teased. I absolutely loved the movie Ratatouille to be honest, haha. Not sure if I should be embarrassed on that one? Anyway besides Ratatouille, Remy Ma also came to mind. I like it spelled both ways but I favor Remy a bit more.


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I prefer Remy because it's Gambit's (from the X-men) real name. Remy Lebeau.
Remi is ok too though.
I don't think a kid would get made fun of too much for either spelling. It's unusual, but I can't think of anything particularly horrible that it rhymes with or sounds like. All kids get made fun of anyway, whether it's for their name, or something else.

I know a guy named Jeremy that we all call Remy.


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I don't know if either spelling is more likely to get the boy teased than the other spelling..

I like it spelled "Remi" .

Actually, I have to admit after reading other answers that Remy may be more masculine. I mean, girl names end with 'i' more often than boy names, right? .........not sure about this.


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Remi sounds like a boy to me and Remy a girl. Y's always seem to feminize things. I think it's super cute on a boy. Not crazy about it on a girl.