Flash image good for opitimizing ?


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For making the site Search Engine Friendly- > Is it good put the 40kb to 70kb flash image at front(home) page?> What the fianal size should be flash image file have?> Is it good to optimize site with flash image?> How can put the alt tag in flash image?A flash image alone will not work well in google. It is highly content dependent. Add a paragraph of text below the flash image so the spider has something to eat. You will also need to have some links to pages in your site. Links from inside the flash object will not be followed.Do something like this: http://www.mvcomputers.comSize of the flash images only depends on how long you want your visitiors to wait. Maybe include a link to skip to the next page. Also keep in mind that if the user is on a dialup connection and doesn't have the flash plugin they get a pop asking them to download the plugin...this will take more time...or maybe scare them away.Dump you temp internet files (cache) and delete the flash plugin from the Downloaded Program Files folder then load you page and you'll get the full experience. Don't forget good titles and meta tags.as of now, SE's cannot track a flash movie for their ranking systems. phaugh has the right idea though. Using real text and meta tags arereally the only way.here's a bit more as it was discussed earlier --http://www.ozzu.com/viewtopic.php?t=1713
No according to the guidelines of the search engine flash image is not an seo friendly website because search engine can't able to crawl the images, so for that purpose only we are using image alt tag, if you flash then search engine can't able to crawl the flash part..