Find your Site in a google search


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Hey does anyone know of a site where you can type in a search and a url and have it tell you where in those search results the URL is? I found one a while back but forgot where it is. ThanksThis tool seems somewhat comprehensive and legitimate enough.CXLink wrote:Thanks guys for the feedback. I was looking for something on the web like the one at webtoolhub, but is there one that will search more then just the first 100?


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hello ,

Find any site in google search ... google is the way to best search optimization ...
anything search in google search page ...
it is best web to search anythings ...
i like very much
if u search anything then u comfortable for ur problem ...
that right ?


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Google is one of the most popular search engine where people makes their visits and ask about their queries at there.Also they can get the best as well as an optimized result.


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Hi @seifactaccert
Really this also help ful for me if you find it please tell me i want to need this such type of tools.


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Its better to use get index your website over search engine website. Try to use the Google Webmaster tools and verify your site to get index your website.
To know your keywords ranking position you have to search a relevant keywords which is related to your website, so that you can able to find out the current ranking status.