EBAY: 'Unpaid Item Dispute'??

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by 7331, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. 7331

    7331 New Member

    Here is the situation<br />
    I payed for an item a long time ago and weeks went by and no shipment. So I email the person a couple of times and no reply... The last thing I do is file a 'item not received' dispute and leave them a negative feedback since there was still no communication.<br />
    Time goes by and he replies to the negative feedback that I left him in a rude manner. Then he refunds my money through Paypal. I would think that the problem was at least solved since I got my money back...<br />
    <br />
    But just recently they file a 'unpaid item' dispute against me... I am currently contacting the seller and I already agreed to pay him again if they are actually willing to ship the item this time. He agrees but... he wants the negative feedback I left for him removed first. <br />
    Well, I do the best I can by contacting Ebay about it and I just got a reply from them saying they cannot because it doesn't meet their 'criteria'... What else am I supposed to do?<br />
    Today they messaged me saying that the only way to remove the negative feedback is to place it as an 'unpaid item' and I have to agree to it.<br />
    Now, I want to know if there are any PENALTIES for me if I WERE to agree to this...<br />
    I would appreciate the help.<br />
  2. robertbock

    robertbock New Member

    if you tell me their username i'll take care of it.
    i'm a lumberjack.
  3. Brandie

    Brandie New Member

    how did he file an unpaid dispute with you if you payed him? the penalties? well i'm guessing that you could get and unpaid item strike against you, but you'll have to contact ebay to find out for sure what they will do. the guy sounds like a jerk, ask yourself if you really want to go through this again?
  4. Thor

    Thor New Member

    I certainly would not agree to do any business with that person again and definitely not send them money again.

    Did you ask Ebay about removing the negative feedback about you since it was only filed because you filed about not receiving your purchase?

    It harms you to agree to that it was an 'unpaid item'. That only hurts you and clears them. Don't do that.

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