Darling Love.zip


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Not able to install the Style

How will I install the Style

Please Can anyoen help me
I uploaded the style to images/folder{name}
and then uploded the xml file using Admincp

But nothing happened
Whats the Problem ??
What is the wrong I am doing ??
Help me please


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upload the dlove folder in your public_html folder... Not images...

I'm using it and before I had no problems with it, but now that I moved on 3.7.4 I have many problems. Did anyone try to put it on 3.7.4. except me??


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Well for me it worked perfectly on 3.7.2 but now that I'm on 3.7.4 I have several problems. I can live with it but I can't get ppl to post 1st on my forum because there are no bbcodes or smilies. I've enable standard interface on posting but those are not appearing. Does anybody know that there are some updates on this skin and did anybody tested it?? Maybe there is some other problem on my side??