CSS IE displaying double list-style icons


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I'm having a problem with Internet Explorer(all versions) displaying 2 types of list-style icons in a UL. This is only happening in IE in Firefox,Chrome and Safari it is only displaying the list-style specified whether it is a normal string of text or if it's a hyperlink. Here is what the html and CSS look like:
\[code\]#altslider dd { margin-top: 16px; margin-left: 0; display: list-item; list-style:url(../images/altbullet.png); font-size: 17px; color: #333;}#altslider dd a { margin-top: 16px; display: list-item; list-style:url(../images/altlinkbullet.png); color: #000068; text-decoration: none;}\[/code\]Here is the HTML:\[code\]<dl> <dd><a href="javascript:submitComment()" class="mynext">