CompleteGFX - Dark vb v2


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sanj said:
ok liveblue il look for it soon, why are people thanking hoxxy when i uploaded theme :(

Maybe because I uploaded it as an attachment which can be downloaded by everyone. ;)


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Sanj, can you do it fast please, thanks to SANJ, VBTEAM.INFO, HOXXY AND COMPLETE GFX!

sanj, do the LazyBoy fast PLEAAAASE!



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Erm...sorry hoxxy i wasn't shouting though, i was just trying to raise your spirits

can you then try to get Green one from complete gfx please. But i want lazyboy from sanj please.

thanks hoxxy, thanks sanj.


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As noted, these skins are all 3.6.4 and contain a potential "security token" problem in the dst code in the footer. From the code in the xml file, if you use the form in the dst block in the footer, you will get the missing security token error message. FYI.

hth, bluescorpion


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d0nald said:
This style is for vB 3.6x and not for vb3.7x!

Did you not look at his live preview:

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can we get one working with 3.7.x? i installed and it looks great, cept for the security token errors i get when trying to do things. thanks gents!