[3.8.2]CityNight ForumThemes [Partial Rip]


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[url=http://www.forumthemes.com/demo/vbulletin/index.php?styleid=40]vBulletin Skin Demos - Powered by vBulletin[/url]

~ Upload Details ~

Upload to images/styles/CityNight

~ Partial Rip ~

The Following Archive contains most of the images and an incomplete xml file, you'll have to finish ripping it yourself. It is in a usable state if you just want to use it, but I started messing on ForumThemes when I was drunk-ish and picked this style. Now I am sober I completely hate the style, it's ugly and I don't want to keep ripping it. Not worth my time.

You can complete it and release it, or use it as it is. I don't require any credit.

Now, I'm off to go do some more to that bloody admincp guide for noobs lmao

~ mmmxiv ~