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    Brand name ideas

    Actually before promoting a product in tv shows, they just maintained a website but i think you don't know about this. Once the website has been launched then only they promote their product/services, because website is the main base of a business so people want to purchase they can order the...
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    Please to post for a Website Review?

    To get a review you can post your business information in top 10 business listing sites, weather i don't know it will be a good or bad reviews will appear on it.
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    best way to promote affiliate products

    May i know you are only interested in affiliate, because through SEO you can rank and increase your website traffic.
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    Free PR5 Directory. Recips not required

    Nice site, it helps to gain a backlink to my website.
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    Which techniques are best for online conversion rate

    To increase the conversation rate in your website you have to provide a proper information to the visitors what you will do, how you will do and many more.
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    Difference between classified and forum

    Classifieds is used for ads purpose where we can submit product or service based information. Forum is mainly for discussion purpose it helps to gain more knowledge about a particular topic, simply we can say it is like a chat. For SEO, forum is more effective.
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    Differentiate Internal linking and On page linking

    Yes off course both are the same. A particular website linking to the same website to another page.
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    which is your favorite promotional technique?

    I will prefer for Seo ya it takes time but once it is ranked then we can easily maintain those rankings.
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    How to promote youtube page in search enginese

    You can promote your you tube page by following the off page seo techniques like social bookmarking, blog post and in social media outlets..
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    Find your Site in a google search

    To know your keywords ranking position you have to search a relevant keywords which is related to your website, so that you can able to find out the current ranking status.
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    who can help me give tool for promote website

    Is there any tool is available to promote the website, i don't think so.
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    Flash image good for opitimizing ?

    No according to the guidelines of the search engine flash image is not an seo friendly website because search engine can't able to crawl the images, so for that purpose only we are using image alt tag, if you flash then search engine can't able to crawl the flash part..
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    getting images in image part on google

    For that just submit your images in the image sharing sites like flickr, pinterest and many more.. But don't forget to include alt tag attributes for those image which you are submitting.
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    Do you like Video games??????

    Yes off course am crazy to play video games..
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    Is this considered spam by google?

    I think hiding the h1 tag is not a good idea because search engine give much preferences for the H1 tag, off course it affects and may be it consider as a spam..
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    Seo helps you to visible your website in the search engine through organic way.
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    What is the best way to advertise new websites?

    To advertise better post it in the local classifieds sites.
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    optimizing for a competitive keyword

    He is just asking the strategies to create 5000 links so for that purpose why you are asking him the keywords i don't no. To create more than 5000 backlinks for your website you should follow the off page seo activities like social bookmarking, forum posting, web 2.0, blog and document sharing site.
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    robots.txt does not work????

    You just check it what is the error it showing in the robot.txt
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    Google logo collection

    I did n't find any logos from the link which you posted.