Why would someone be denied access to records linking Obama to Bill Ayers? ?

Discussion in 'Link Exchange Forum' started by suthrngal, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. suthrngal

    suthrngal New Member

    Stanley Kurtz of the National Review is attempting to get his hands on documents housed at the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which would provide insight into Obama's personal, financial, and ideological ties with Bill Ayers. These documents would be about Obama's service as the chairman of the board for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation where Ayers was a founder and guiding force.<br />
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    Some excerpts<br />
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    Obama actually launched his political career at an event at Ayers?s and Dohrn?s home, Obama has dismissed Ayers as just ?a guy who lives in my neighborhood,? and ?not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.? For his part, Ayers refuses to discuss his relationship with Obama.<br />
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    http//article.nationalreview.com/?q=MTgwZTVmN2QyNzk2MmUxMzA5OTg0ODZlM2Y2OGI0NDM=&w=MA==<br />
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    Originally Stanley Kurtz had received approval to access records which would outline Obama's past relationship with Bill Ayers and after making flight arrangements, had his access denied. Why would they deny him access to these records? <br />
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    Your ability to stay on topic and not to stray is appreciated.<br />
  2. ibfmarxists

    ibfmarxists New Member

    It is part of a pattern that democrats use. If you will recall, Hillary Clinton arranged to have her college thesis sealed so it could not be read until after her husband was out of office. Why? Because it exposed her communist ties.

    If their college has been compromised by ideologues this is the most telling way to know what they really stand for.
  3. emma-nemma

    emma-nemma New Member

    They are being denied access because, of course, the truth would be damaging to Obama's 'image'. There are so many pieces of the puzzle of his life that are missing, denied access to, mis-interpreted and twisted in an effort to present him as an honest, true American. If anyone takes the time to look into his past, they would be shocked. How anyone can consider him qualified to be President is beyond me.
  4. Puller58

    Puller58 New Member

    Obama's past is likely far gamier than he wants known. While it seems to be extremely anti-PC, Obama should be willing to provide this info. My guess is that the infamous New Yorker cover might have struck a nerve for being closer to the truth than Obama is comfortable with.
  5. KH

    KH New Member

    Why would GWB whose paper from his governorship should have been housed in the Texas archives get shipped to his father's presidential library along with his busines papers and sealed?

    Why were people restricted in seing McCain's medical records. They were put in a room, contained thousands of pages but each person got 3 minutes to look at them and could take no copies or notes. What is he hiding?

    Ayers is ancient history. I have no idea why the Republicans are barking up this tree. Ayers did all his subversive stuff twenty years before he met Obama. Yet Hannity types act like Obama was making bombs with him. If your so interested in this stuff, why not look into McCain's ties with the Keating Five. Or into the allegations of Corsi (author of Obama Nation) who state the McCain is the choice of AlQaeda and gets money from mobsters.
  6. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Clearly they are damaging to Obama and his "image". If ayers was in fact old news then why would anyone block attempts to gain access to these records..
  7. BlueCrush88

    BlueCrush88 New Member

    For thier politcal gain, they don't want the cat to get out of the bag.
  8. katherinen

    katherinen New Member

    I think its because Obama has an enormous amount of anti-American baggage connected to his friends,and WIFE.
    the government doesn't want to start a race riot.
    he is protected BECAUSE he is black,has muslim ties,and terrorists ties that the government is afraid to expose him for any reason
  9. FedupAmerican

    FedupAmerican New Member

    To begin with, the author of this article is pretty free with throwing out opinions and assertions. He doesn't provide any quoted emails or conversations, just his recollections. The fact that a lower level graduate student would not know the limitations of who could see these documents is not surprising. The author stated himself that the donor (whoever that may be) has put restrictions on the collection and there are still legal parameters that have not been settled. Again, the author is throwing out his opinions but not many, if any, verifiable facts.

    If you haven't seen these documents, how do you know that there is any mention at all about a link between Obama and Ayers? Kind of a big assumption on your part, isn't it?
  10. alphabetsoup2

    alphabetsoup2 New Member

    There could be some legal reason to deny access, I wouldn't know, but with the stakes so high here, I suspect it is about getting Obama elected president.

    Obama comes from, and I have no doubt about this, the old 60's deconstructionist ideology that fits quite well with what, in those days, would have been called the radical left.

    No American institution was left untouched, that is, everything was suspect by the "far left". As time has moved on, this view of the world has become, well, more centrist in nature, and, rather embraced by the more vocal wing of the Democratic party.

    But, in a general election at the national level, those pesky middle of the road christian fundamentalist/ catholic/ centrist/ you know, the majority in America, more or less, would be deeply suspect of an Obama/Ayers social tie.

    Of course, Obama has turned to the middle in the election process, and really, he has done so as a practical measure of getting elected. I also think he has done this because he believes in, well, becoming elected.

    If Obama were elected, I seriously doubt he would swerve far left again, he is to smart to do so. I also think that once someone is in power, in DC, at work, where ever, we DO change our perspectives greatly.

    Does this mean Obama should be heralded? No, it doesn't. Candidates now are from the anything goes, me generation, and, God Help America!
  11. kielarjohson

    kielarjohson New Member

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  12. chalmershughes

    chalmershughes New Member

    The fact would be destructive to The president's image. There are so many items of the challenge of his lifestyle that are losing, declined entry to, mis-interpreted and turned in an attempt to existing him as an sincere, real United states.

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