Why when I change a image format it messes up my site

Discussion in 'CSS Forum' started by heavymetal420, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Ok this is an odd one. I've fixed it but I want to understand why it didn't work. You will have to make the screen smaller as I fixed it by putting a max-height of 255px on the li tags you can take this off if you wish when full screen and will show the same problem. so here is the first link.http://madaxedesign.co.uk/dev/portfolio.htmlIf you look at it smaller or take off the max height it breaks, and doesn't let anything below it float there. notice that the first li img tag has a jpg for the background.Now for this weird fix :S I changed the JPG to a PNG and that is all I did.. and it workedhttp://madaxedesign.co.uk/dev/myWork.htmlI don't have any understanding in why it would do this.. and would love someone to explain why changing a format would do something like this as to me it shouldn't matter. Thanks

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