why does everyone thinks sikhism is a branch of hinduism?

Discussion in 'Code Forum' started by sim, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. sim

    sim New Member

    i just read some posts on how people think that sikhism is a branch of hinduism as guru nanak dev ji was born in a hindu family so thats why its a branch of hinduism and as far as i know as a sikh that its not true.<br />
    i mean why would someone will make a branch of another religion rather than following the same religion.i mean guru granth sahib includes the saying or writing of other faiths too than shoud we consider it a branch of that religion too. i mean we shouldn't be considered a branch of hindusim just because guru nanak dev ji was born in a hindu family and we share similarities in our beliefs with hinduism because we share similarities with christianity and islam. so than r we now a branch of these religions too.<br />
  2. kevinjessicaparker

    kevinjessicaparker New Member

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  3. jdm

    jdm New Member

    Because their prime "Guru""Gurunaanak Sahab" always remembered "Raam"[worshiped as Avtar of God by hindus]. Remember his words " Raam di chidia, Raam da khet, chuga lo chidia bhar bhar pet". He was devotee of "Raam"
  4. vishubharal

    vishubharal New Member

    yah sikhism is the branch of hindus,when there were muslims come to india and u can say mugal raj, hindus went to jungle , and there they didnt cut there hair or beard, from there this riligion makes, and they tie there hair , and do pledge, that they will not open it till the end of there life, this was the born time of sikhism
  5. WisdomTormented

    WisdomTormented New Member

    Sikhism and Buddhism are indeed inspired by the scriptures of the Vedas, Gita and Quran. Sikhism moved away from the idolatry worship of animal icons and considered deities of the time. The Gods of the Hindu scriptures were originally Aryan but were subsequently deposed as they themselves were driven and incited to destroy the forefathers before them. A tragic legacy.

    The original creator and his wisdom Brahma and Uma have a small part in the entire allegories which are largely given to the worship of the aforementioned. The Sikh religion sought to move away from such rituals and live by the application of wisdom and love than the worship of such deities.

    Kalyug, holy war and Armageddon is the age of the rise of spiritual ignorance amidst the decline f humanity, love and peace. All religions are basically sound in premise yet it is the zealots and self serving extremist who bring disrepute upon their nation and creed, as always.
  6. HeronByTheSea

    HeronByTheSea New Member

    It's probably just a simplistic way to think of it. Guru Nanak came from a Hindu background, and he understood religious ideas in Hindu and Muslim terms. But I think his religion was not born out of an "ism" like Hinduism (that is, it was not born out of doctrines or an established system), but it was born more out of his own personal experience of the Divine. When one experiences the Divine in that personal way, it is hard to think of that experience as a branch of any prior established religious system. So I understand why you would object to it being called a branch of anything.

    On the other hand, his methods for attaining his experience of God were very "Hindu." And we can see in his teachings many Hindu elements as well as many Islamic elements. But it also contains much that is a reaction against either of those religions. Since it counters them on many issues, one may decide that it is not appropriate to call it a branch of Hinduism or Islam. But then we also have to consider the fact that there are many movements in Hinduism which also counter earlier ideas and practices of Hinduism. And we could surely call those movements "Hinduism" or at least "branches of Hinduism."

    And the final thing I think we should consider is the fact that "Hinduism" is a sweeping term which does not define one clearly discernible religion. It basically just means all the various religious practices and beliefs of the traditional Indian people. So I think it's basically a question of whether Sikhism is different enough from what is traditionally practiced in India to call it a different religion or not. I would say it is different enough. And so do most students and scholars of religion.

    In other words, it's kind of complicated!
  7. Its easy to confuse. You gave reasons yourself as Guru Nanak (Baba Ji) was born in a hindu family. Including the similarities between the beliefs like - Karma and re-incarnation etc.

    Branch - dictionary meaning- a limb, offshoot, or ramification of any main stem.

    It stands alone in todays time but it started as an "offshoot" from Hinduism.

    I am not offended as i embrace both .
  8. Mini

    Mini New Member

    The first Sikhs were hindus.

    The story is that Aurangzeb, the then Mughal Emperor was unfair to the hindus. He forced the hindus to take up Islam. The Gurus were not against Islam. There were against the idea of forcing anybody to do something. So the ninth guru - Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji chose death rather than to fearfully take up Islam.

    The Tenth Guru -Guru Gobind Singh Ji formed a special group of people to fight against Aurangzeb. He wanted to give an identification to this group of militants. So he named them as Sikhs. Sikhs were a group of soldiers to fight for the Truth. And they believed that the Almighty is with them because they are fighting for the Truth and for Justice. So they can be called as religious soldiers fighting for the Rights and Justice of Mankind.

    Sikhs were supposed to followed certain lifestyle. Their daily life had some rules which they followed with a true heart and willingness.

    Now this formed 'The Sikhi' as they call it rather than using the word Sikhism. I feel that Sikhi emerged to protect the Rights of Man (thus indirectly protecting Hinduism).

    It might not be totally correct to say that Sikhi is a branch of Hinduism because both has different things to follow. But both are very much related to each other.

    But I would say that Sikhi emerged in a time of need and emergency. Sikhi was formed for a reason. It had a mission. And the Sikhs at present also believe in the rights of man, in the truth, and to fear nobody but God. Sikhi says that if you fear another man, you are not fair to yourself and you live a life of self-disgust.
  9. britelights

    britelights New Member

    Most people do not even know what it is.
  10. Aradhana

    Aradhana New Member

    I just cant understand why some Sikhs believe Sikhism to be different from Hinduism!!

    ur misunderstanding.. thats not the reason why sikhism is called as an off shoot of Hinduism...if you research more you will find out why.Also Sikh panth was for protection of Hindus and Hinduism from Muslim oppressors and philosophically there is almost no diffrence btw the two religions if you choose to call them seperate...even our rituals and customs are mostly same

    Sikhism is essentially Hinduism ;only that it evolved later on as a seperate group or community
  11. OneInaMillionOIM

    OneInaMillionOIM New Member

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh

    Sikhism is not a branch of Hinduism. Its not a branch of any religion in fact. Sikhism is its own religion. People need to get this through their heads. Sikhism has huge differences with Hinduism and has some similarities - but don't all religions have similarities?

    Also for the people that say Sikhism is a branch of Hinduism because Sri Guru Nanak was born a Hindu, tell me, then does this mean that Christianity is a branch of Judaism as Jesus was born a Jew?
  12. gajananag

    gajananag New Member

    u better go the the life story of sri gurunanak ji and u
    will find the answer to it. earlier in our country people were
    very mild and they never hurt others which they should not do even today.
    but when someone hurts u we hindus were keeping away
    from such people.we were not fighting back. a set of hindu people during those days could not tolerate this after certain
    extent . then they formed a new religion of their own .
    happy reading.
  13. cancan

    cancan New Member

    One In a Million (OIM) your argument is correct. Christianity and Islam share the common root from Judaism, all are Abrhamic religion. If you study them deeply you will find the same DNA.
    Truly speaking every one in this world who is a seeker of truth and interested in knowing truth in an objective and detached manner is a Hindu, whether he believes in God or not, whether he is a Hindu or a Buddhist or belongs to some other faith. A Hindu is an individual soul who has been separated from God, is under illusion and has been in the process of rejoining God some day. No one need force him to become a Hindu in the physical sense, because one day, in some birth, he will become aware of what he is or who he is. What he does in between is all part of a Divine Play.

    I do not care if you want to claim that Sikhism is not part of humanity, or that Sikhs did not evolve from apes it is of least significance to me. Let us take every thought and every reference to Hindu ideas from Guru Granth Sahib and then see what is left.
  14. Compsognathus

    Compsognathus New Member

    i don't care weather u call urself as separate religion or part of it....

    term religion is entirly different meaning in india

    u can be an atheist, theist or anything...u can still be a hindu

    as far as hindus are concerned we consider buddhism, sikhism as part of hinduism
  15. Sukhbirchdpac

    Sukhbirchdpac New Member

    This is very complex question that always perplexed eminent Hindu, Sikh & English scholers & writers to consider whether Sikhs are Hindus ? Was Guru Nanak founder of a new & a distinct faith or a mere reformer of Hinduism. According to them God ordained Guru Nanak to prepare a new people, a new religion & the events that subsequently followed make it amply clear that Guru Nanak had a set plan of work to produce an entirtely new religion.

    There is always a confusion that Sikhism is the branch of Hinduism. The reason for this confusion may be traced to certain social & political factors. The Sikhs had to fight the Muslim rulers, who were the common enemy of both the Sikhs & Hindus. Naturally, sentiments of sympathy & even of kinship developed between the both, which tended very often to emphasize the points of resemblance between the two communities. Further the trained few, whose presense could keep the spirit of Sikhism awake among the masses, soon after the death of the last Guru, were called upon to fight for their lives & to defend the weak from the oppressors. On the other hand, soon the Sikh ranks were flooded with Converts from among the Hindus, who brought with them an imagination saturated with the spiritual conviction of the old era, which were not lost upon them, but were infinitely expanded to engulf Sikhism too. Some religious Hindu people took full advantage of this situation & spread the view that Guru Nanak was only a Hindu reformer & Sikhism is only an off- shoot of Hinduism. So great was the confusion of thought that many Sikhs began to look upon themselves as a sect of Hinduism. As a result several Hindu customes & practices most of which were in direct contravention of the teachings of Guru Nanak & the other Gurus crept into the Sikhs ranks.

    The two major branches of Vedantic Hinduism are Sanatan Dharma & the Arya Samaj. The Sanatanists believe in the incarnation of God. According to this belief, God appers in the world, every now & then in the garb of Human being & even animals & other creatures. Guru Nanak did not accept this theory of incarnation. According to him God is "Ajoni" i.e. free from birth & death & is not subject to the process of transmigeration.

    This all shows that Sikhism is separate religion. It is not a branch of any religion.
  16. AshuA

    AshuA New Member

    i think sikhism is not a religion but a subgroup of hinduism which do not allow to follow evil practises of hinduism.nationalism was also a major cause to bform it
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