What happened with the domain name??

Discussion in 'Main Staff Section' started by Morpheus, May 4, 2008.

  1. Morpheus

    Morpheus New Member

    Is it gone forever? should we get another one? Hope it will be solved soon.
  2. Daz

    Daz New Member

    You & me both .void needs to sort the domain as it has been suspended and I have no access to the name server settings
  3. Yep, .v0id or psy can sort this thing, but we can send newsletter to members on how to access the forum. DaZ if you got access could u plz do it.
  4. Daz

    Daz New Member

    I can send a mass email with the instructions

    Doing it now
  5. you may refer or get some help for mass mail from this post
  6. Daz

    Daz New Member

    I did, I copied the details & pasted them in the email, first 2000 gone 5000 to go lol
  7. KooL, most of them shud be here within minutes
  8. I gave v0id the info for the domain name a while back. I emailed him and am waiting for him to get back to me.

    I will be around much more now as well. Looks like lots of stuff needs fixing.
  9. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    we seem to be back up and running ...long live vbteam!!
  10. SpeedRazors

    SpeedRazors New Member

    psy !! .void is online on PSI mostly... think you have better luck reaching him there :)

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