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Discussion in 'Main Staff Section' started by .v0id, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Daz => Co. Administrator
    SpeedFreak => Super Moderator

    You guys are doing great job here. And I'm opening this topic to ask if you are up for it or not :)
  2. SpeedRazors

    SpeedRazors New Member

    thanks :) would be great to be supermod

    daz is a good choice for admin :) he knows alot about everything
  3. Daz

    Daz New Member

    yeh i'm up for it

    thanks for considering us good enough for it.
  4. Daz, you've been a huge asset since the beginning. You definitely deserve to be admin.

    It won't be until January sometime that I will be able to be active here again. I hope to be able to resume my admin duties when I return.
  5. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    We're waiting for you ;d

    I'm unfortunately quite busy all the time (private life, school..)..

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