what are parents' main concerns these days in regards to parenting, child discipline?

Discussion in 'Ebooks Forums' started by gazap2005, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. gazap2005

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    Hi all. I'm in the process of writing my first ebook on successful parenting and want to make it as concise as possible. Being a parent myself I've noticed that there's a lack of decent information out there so I thought I would go ahead and write an ebook which can answer most parenting needs. Any comments, suggestions, frustrations etc would be much appreciated<br />
  2. Astro82

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    I think that in today's society, too much power have been given to children. I have seen on many occassions, children threatening to report their parents to child protection when the parents have been trying to discipline children - the child stating "if you punish me I will report you to the police for child abuse."

    I think that parents needs to have a better understanding of their legal rights and what is and isn't acceptable forms of punishment and the reasons why. This way, we can make a small attempt at putting the power back into the parents hands and out of the childs.
  3. jobie_86

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    I also agree with the first answer. I think that parents should have a certain amount of "power" over their children, not the other way around. I have 2 step-sons, and obviously with the kids coming from a broken family, they sometimes try to manipulate both of their parents, or exaggerate punishments that have been handed out.
    But I do think that with kids aged about 2 1/2 and older, a little smack should be allowed if required. Beating children senseless is plain wrong, but there isn't enough in the form of punishment for parents anymore, unless their child(ren) are spoiled and have heaps of things that can be taken away from them.
    Simply sending kids to their bedrooms isn't enough
  4. mommy-0

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    Lack of discipline. It amazes me how some kids behave, My mother would never have tolerated that.
    Teaching common respect for other people. Opening doors, offering to help--society is becoming so rude. It amazes me how often people will watch me struggle with a department store door that I am trying to get a stroller through and not offer help- just grabbing the door. Or not saying thank you when I go out of my way to hold the door for other people.. Setting an example is the best thing. Too many rude self absorbed people out there.

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