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  1. blackknights

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    The one thing that strikes me as strange is VB claims to fame is being the best forum software out there in some regards it is although if it wasn't for all the gentleman and ladies who provide the hacks and skins for said software it would be nothing. They stand on the shoulders of these people, and claim it as their own.
    Now in these times we see the posts of site ripping and leaching skins and hacks but really VB has been doing it for years.
    Its times like this I wish I was a coder so that a new forum software could be developed and could compete with the big boys and be totally free from skins to hacks and add-on's.
    You can see where this is heading with out a direct quote to first post their intention is to release version 4 at a fee then an additional fee for version 5 so in short when sales dip in 4 version 5 will be released as another poster pointed out Microsucks methodology on releases.
    Also with out the Beta versions released how are the skinners and hackers going to adapt their hacks to these new versions? Or is VB going to start stealing these hacks and calling them their own? As many hacks over the years have been implemented into various version to date, and have the original creators of these hacks been compensated for there contributions along the way? Highly doubt that was the case.
    The combined knowledge on this site and the insight of its user alone could come up with a better forum software and thing we as user would actually use would surpass anything VB has done to date. They have chased away some very good coders, staff and end users with no concern for the public except for their wallets.
    Just my 2 cents, enough of my rant carry on, LOL
  2. avaloncraven

    avaloncraven New Member

    did ou heard about SMF, it is what you want to do..some one did before you :D
  3. MaVen

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    shame half the images on here do not load
  4. arr0w

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    Here's the full text:

  5. spit_f1re88

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    lol. too late. xD
  6. spit_f1re88

    spit_f1re88 New Member

    if you read it carefully, i think it's much cheaper than the present.

    -no more renewal fees every year

    for 5 years if you buy the present product it's 180(price of owned license)+(60(renewal fee)*5)= $480.00
    in this release you only spend $285 for that span of time.

    I say the price is a win.
  7. arr0w

    arr0w New Member

    Agreed. In fact, I'm gonna wait for the release of vB 4 to get my license.
    I don't need the suite, so I'll 'only' pay the 195 bucks.
  8. gof

    gof New Member

    It makes me wonder if vBadvanced will be allowed to continue developing a free CMPS for the vB4 series. The blogs are a fail on my board, and if I can get a basic News/Announcement page for free then I see no reason to pony up for the Suite.

    I hope the paid support will improve the resolution quality of their staff. I've only received good assistance from Marco before. Kerry and Jake in my opinion are copy & paste monkeys who don't even seem to bother reading the whole ticket before coming up with a scripted response. Heh.
  9. dark_hunter

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    From all the information I have seen about the new vB4, the question is will anyone get it, as from what some people have said, people would stay on 3.8.2. As I have seen I would get it but the price is to much. They have lame prices. :|
  10. arr0w

    arr0w New Member

    Unless they start releasing new generations of vB once a year or so, I think in the long run this will benefit clients.

    vB 3 was released in march 2004, it will take them more than 4 years to release the next generation (vB 4).
    A lot of people have had to pay a renewal fee every year all this time.
    If they take 4 years to release vB 5, then clients will definitely win with this.
  11. hombien

    hombien New Member

    Seems like theres a lot of conversation going on here o.o
  12. keyhunt11

    keyhunt11 New Member

    Ok heres my situtation. I have an owned liscenes but it's expired. The latest version I have is 3.71 patch 1.

    I am happy with my 3.7 forum. Do i really need to upgrade? I mean i disabled all that social community crap from my forum.

    will they discountinue support for vb 3.7 ? (like on vb.org / vb.com)
  13. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    how long did vb3 start 2005 i think :D and if vb4 can last 3-4 years its good then personally cant wait to download vb4 from dgt ;D or GYSN
  14. Mr. C

    Mr. C New Member

    Like they did with vBulletin 3.6? Yeah. EOL (End of Life) will probably be announced after vBulletin 4 goes gold.
  15. keyhunt11

    keyhunt11 New Member

    Wow, I feel sorry for the vbulletin.org coders. No wonder dedicated coders are fucking over vbulletin

    I'll still use it, but I am not even going to bother to upgrade.
  16. Mr. C

    Mr. C New Member

    It was pretty much confirmed that vBulletin.org coders are getting into the beta, to update their modifications. :eek:
  17. DON

    DON New Member

    BETA IS NOT PUBLIC... no coders on vborg will have access to beta. They now made beta ONLY for special forums. The vB devs pick a few forums to use for beta testing.
  18. mmmxiv

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  19. eboss

    eboss New Member

    Interesting info not sure i like this pay per version crap thats just taking the piss so now to remain protected from expliots etc youll eventually have to pay the fee regardless cos they will stop supporting older versions after a time.
  20. chakru

    chakru New Member

    I am not paying for that vb4 shit for sure lol.. it looks like shit only!!

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