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Discussion in 'vBulletin 4 Discussion' started by KrazyFire, May 15, 2009.

  1. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    Here are the Pictures about the Leaked Information about vBUlletin 4
  2. Bigbrainboy

    Bigbrainboy New Member

    Thanks for Info and vBulletin following IB ?
  3. vijayninel

    vijayninel New Member

    So is it true that there will be no Beta release of vBulletin 4 ? And that we'll have to purchase vBulletin once again even if a years subscription is not over!

    Is this info reliable ?
  4. vBMan

    vBMan New Member

    Yes, this is reliable.
  5. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    yea it was delted on vb.com and vb.org why?? :p cause it was relased to public ;)
  6. rundll32

    rundll32 New Member

    Screw them NULL IT BABY, NULL IT. lol
  7. RobbyBach

    RobbyBach New Member

    You gonna pay now per Version, so you buy V4.0.0 and get all V4.x.x for that price, when the upgrades comes for V5.0.0 you gonna pay a nominal fee and get then all V5.x.x for free and so on!

    There will be 3 different packages, but will be off best with the complete Suite, which will be in my opinion not that expensive as for what you get, it's like 4 things in one for the moment.

    This is what I get out of this all.
  8. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Good stuff. I wonder hpw much will I have to pay to upgrade to vB 4.0 Suite?
  9. monoxera

    monoxera New Member

    Not worth of single penny. I don't understand why they keep raising prices and now want to be "microsoft" selling the vb 4 "premium" version now... Just ridiculous
  10. amnesia440

    amnesia440 New Member

    Let's see, this suite package is almost $300.

    I can think of real social networking w/ forum scripts that cost that much that are easier to skin.

    People say the vb's strength come with it's add-ons. I think this might have been true a few years ago but today so many add-ons are made and then abandoned you almost don't want to put any add-ons on any vb install.

    The CMS is a good idea, I just hope it's not anything like vb advanced. VBAdvanced was good at the time and fills a real void, but if they are going to charge for something already available.....

    I also see VB currently is bloated with features that are pointless and/or hard to use. Documentation isn't straight forward either.

    One thing I liked about IPS (Invision Power Services) is that they have offices on the east coast(US).It really doesn't matter i guess.
  11. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    It's stupid........ :(
  12. DON

    DON New Member

    vB will die soon. Mark my words.

    Many customers have moved on now. I'm thinking of moving on myself too. IPB seems like the best option and the prices/staff is MUCH better there lately.

    Honestly, if you look at WHO has IMPROVED for the last few years, it has been IPB. vB has sat back, because they WERE the best back then. They sat back so much, that they lost sight of everything around them. Now, all these other forum scripts around them have expanded well up to vB's status or higher.

    I hate to say it, but after seeing the discussions at vBcom/vborg... it looks like things are slowly going down hill.
  13. vijayninel

    vijayninel New Member

    I think vB is still the best and will continue to be so for some time...but the thing is that vB is generating a lot of ill will amongst its loyal costumers with these moves, and I wonder how this will affect the future of vB.
  14. DON

    DON New Member

    How can it continue to be the best, when the dev team has left/been fired? It's like me running a business and I leave and now someone else own it... it doesn't mean that it will be better.. it could be, but it also could be worse.
  15. bluescorpion

    bluescorpion New Member

    Based on my bad experiences with Boonex/aeDating and their social networking fiasco, the vBulletin move in the SAME direction is disturbing to be sure. If you have a brand new SL500 and bury it under a pile of manure, its is still an SL500 but nobody knows it because they can't see it and the pile of manure stinks so bad nobody will ever try to find out what's under it, LOL.
  16. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

    LOL @ Bluescropion...

    Ye, i was thinking about same thang.. Since vB going down slowly, what will happen to vBTeam? Maybe you guys, should become IPBteam or something.. Cuz looks like IPB will be on top soon..
  17. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Internet Brands (the new owner of vBulletin) surely knows what they are doing, they have experience, vBulletin does have experience, and as we can read in that post, they are both happy. We will see how it goes after the final release.

    vBulletin will not lose users so quickly. Even if vB4 will be a fail, they will do their best to improve it.
    In my opinion, 3.8 series was a fail (community stuff), but well, it's here, and it's used.

    We will see how good will these products be, and if the price is right. As long as it will offer as good features as IPB, they will be fine.

    Future price comparision:

    vB4 standard = 195$
    IPB standard = 149.99$ + 25$ (every 6 months)

    vB4 Suite = 285$
    IBP + all add-ons = 50 + 50 + 65 + 149.99 = 314.99$
  18. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

    True dat...

    I never been on IPB forum, so i decided to install nulled DGT version on localhost.. The default skin is dope. Better then vB's default skin..

    But, i am not a traitor, and will not leave to IPB untill vBulletin will fail (lol.)

    Btw, v0id, you double posted xD
    This pic is about double posters (no offence v0id)

  19. DON

    DON New Member

    You do know IB ONLY cares about profits and not about the customers or staff.... Go look at other takeovers by IB.. most have lost lots of people.

    This is what happens when companies get taken over. Things change and staff and members leave.

    IB will try to CHANGE things, but will it be a good change? who knows.... but I know IB is in for the money and nothing else.
  20. LuK3

    LuK3 New Member

    Thanks! I'm looking forward!

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