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Discussion in 'Programming' started by ahanda, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. nudu

    nudu New Member

    I wish ic ould spam the thanks button for you!
  2. snoopdo2g

    snoopdo2g New Member

    This link is a virus: [​IMG] Virus Win32 /Themida [​IMG]
  3. jeanius

    jeanius New Member

    any updates on Hyperz' stable release? :eek:
  4. mrx3net

    mrx3net New Member

    Win32 /Themida is not a virus it's exe protector that's all
  5. ucenik1

    ucenik1 New Member

    Not working on XP Pro x64 :(
  6. .XtaZy.

    .XtaZy. New Member


    SharpLeach doesn't work on vB 3.8.2, login from source and target forum was successufl, he can reads the posts but i don't see the posts on my forum

    Sorry for my english

  7. amn

    amn New Member

    Maximum Characters Per Post:
    Maximum Characters Per Thread/Post Title
    Maximum Images Per Post

    TRy check this options in your ACP...

    for testing change this
    Maximum Characters Per Post: 10000
    Maximum Characters Per Thread/Post Title: 85
    Maximum Images Per Post: 10

    SharpLeach must working on ALL vb boards...

    P.S and check time for posting (default is 30 sec.) you can set 0
  8. .XtaZy.

    .XtaZy. New Member


    I'm sorry but i still doesn't work.

    I already set Maximum chacraters per post @ 10000000, maximum charachters par thread title @ 100 and maximum image per post @ 100

    And i already set flood control @ 0

    I don't understand why it doesn't work :/

    I'm really sorry for my english.
  9. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

  10. .XtaZy.

    .XtaZy. New Member

    No :(
    That's not my problem :/

  11. Foxxyboy

    Foxxyboy New Member

    Mine works just is there a way to let it leech from another site?
  12. .XtaZy.

    .XtaZy. New Member

    I found the problem, i pay 100$ who can modify the appz to leech another forum :)

  13. Foxxyboy

    Foxxyboy New Member

    I dont think its possible since i asked my friend, you will need the source code.
  14. hacker0wnz

    hacker0wnz New Member

    thanks, sharpleech worked like a charm on vb 3.8.2
  15. thorgz

    thorgz New Member

    Thank you so much for this. :D
  16. don77

    don77 New Member

    i tried sharpleech... when i start leeching it saying its leeching but i dun see anithing on ma forum....

    i change my test editor to standard, set posting time 0 on my forum....

    successfully login in sl but still cant see anithing on my forum... ani idea....
  17. Mahdi

    Mahdi New Member

    I used vbulletin bot to leech some post from other forums. It worked and i could import about 11,000 threads and more than 20,000 posts to my forums.

    But there is problem! I don't know why google dosn't cache them!!

    Google bot cachesh everything that i post (sometime less than one hour) but it is 3 weeks that google has not cached any of posts that leeched.

    What is wrong? What should i do? How can i tell google to cache them?!
  18. Mahdi

    Mahdi New Member

    oh, and i forgot to say, I can leech from any vbulletin forums. It does not matter is it a warez forum or simple one. I give the thread or a category address and it starts posting!
  19. don77

    don77 New Member

    hey mahdi did u use Sharp Leech or ezwarez? and whats ur vb version
    i guess sharp leech dosent support vb3.8
  20. Mahdi

    Mahdi New Member

    No, no, I have never seen sharpleech or ezwarez...

    I just saw a topic in vb3.8 addons. it's title is: Vbulletin Bot, in fact it is the script name. The original lang is in Turkish but someone has translated it to english.

    And yes I am using vbulletin 3.8.2.

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