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Discussion in 'Programming' started by ahanda, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. ahanda

    ahanda New Member


    Firstly, I want to say that I don't know php very well.

    I want to an automatic poster how it can be copy topics and its contents
    from another website and paste to my vb forum.

    Do you think it can be possible by php codes?

    No RSS

    Thank you..
  2. welcome

    welcome New Member

    of course
  3. ahanda

    ahanda New Member

    how can i do? do you have any idea?
  4. Boss_013

    Boss_013 New Member

    i dunno how even using RSS
  5. khsofiane

    khsofiane New Member

    you need to set up RSS feed
  6. Boss_013

    Boss_013 New Member

    how can i setup..i am lil newbie in RSS?

    I want to setup rss page for automatically adding my new thread to rss
  7. Watcher32

    Watcher32 New Member

    there are a couple of ways to make a auto posting bot in php

    curl/php is probably the easy way

    i have just been working on a similar thing for my phpbb3 forum, i have made the curl script in php to 1st, extract a post form another forum

    2nd log into my forum and naviagte to a perset forum section

    3rd post the copyed info into my forum

    problem is tho you need to extract first all the urls of the target forum into a big list, then run the bot threw the list copying and posting threads, i use it to target specfic forum sections one at a time, mostly porn sharing forums

    thinking of maybe automating it a bit futher with windows macros to run threw one list then move onto another list, could also be used to spam all memebrs n the members list to get them over to your site also

    let me no if anyone is interseted in this , and i will post up the code, so we can futher make it into a complete vbuiliten posting bot
  8. Ob3lix

    Ob3lix New Member

    this sounds like a great tool
  9. alexD

    alexD New Member

    If you wont to post info from other sites use the cron system. theres a cron that uses rss feeds so you can auto post something into any forum you choose. I have bnever used it myself but i did trun it off to speed up my board. you`ll have to subcribe to a rss feed so your forum can post it.
  10. Ob3lix

    Ob3lix New Member

    I did use RSS feed on vBulletin but the response of my users was let's say terrible. But I saw on some board a bot that has 50 k posts (around 1k/day) all warez posts as they were meant to be - no linkback to other site) and I'm not really sure how it works, but I'm 90% sure that is a bot.
  11. swapnil0545

    swapnil0545 New Member

    WEll I have a bot if you want to post only warez .

    I can sell it to you for 20$
    Tell me if you want.
    Only few left
  12. remember

    remember New Member

    pls give it for free...
  13. swapnil0545

    swapnil0545 New Member

    lol Even I dont get it for free.its initial cost is 50$.
    And it needs authoriztion key.
    It is not cracked. Else I would have released it in here.
  14. remember

    remember New Member

    man pls pm the files to void...or any admin they will crack it...pls do it...and they wont reveal ur details ;) XD
  15. swapnil0545

    swapnil0545 New Member

    Well its not a webscript.
    Its a software
  16. remember

    remember New Member

    ok man..i thought that u will enjoy sharing :D...but ur not sharing it :)
  17. kazimhussain

    kazimhussain New Member

    Leave it if he's not sharing :) we'll get it from somewhere else and share it out here..
  18. ahamaz

    ahamaz New Member

    I agree with you. Let's ignore people who don't willing to share. This is the forum where people willing to share any software/program meant to be, am I correct?

    I also seen some forum using auto post bot. They are not using RSS. Don't use RSS because it will make your forum slow and it will make your database performance low.
  19. Chris2oo8

    Chris2oo8 New Member

    I have a warez posting bot, it only copies topics from warez-bb.org the problem is it needs cracking unfortunately even i want to use it but cant as ya need authorization key. I will share it if someone can crack it, however it was made in vb6
  20. b33znutz

    b33znutz New Member

    ill give it a shot chris.. shoot it pm to me.. or a link..

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