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Discussion in 'vBulletin 4 Discussion' started by .v0id, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Friss

    Friss New Member

    We are working hard and plan to have vBulletin 4.0 released in beta form by the end of Q2 2009.

    So sometime soon (if they hold this release date) we should be seeing a beta form anyday now.
  2. rinunez

    rinunez New Member

    This Version is Exiting...!! I wanted but...NULLED!! XD
  3. M6747

    M6747 New Member

    I am getting pretty excited for it tbh. The last major change was 3.5 IMO
  4. actify

    actify New Member

    im looking forward to use this one
  5. zaio

    zaio New Member

    m looking forward to use this one
  6. baba009

    baba009 New Member

    thanks.. luks gud.
  7. alex95sv

    alex95sv New Member

    Wow vbulletin 4 looks pretty nice :)
  8. prakasharavind

    prakasharavind New Member

    when it will be released?
  9. PlatiniumHL

    PlatiniumHL New Member

    Wow, nice.. thanks for this i love it :)
  10. jdowdy

    jdowdy New Member

    Its exciting to hear about VB 4! Hopefully new theme changes, etc etc will occur!

    Can't wait for its release!
  11. Preech

    Preech New Member

    Have there been any screenshots posted of the layouts yet.
  12. HamedNet

    HamedNet New Member

    it's good!
  13. 5cent

    5cent New Member

    Can't wait. vBulletin is a great forum
  14. usloco

    usloco New Member

    im looking forward to se it working..
  15. 07srt8

    07srt8 New Member

    I would love to see some pics of what the new version is going to look like????
  16. Farplane Dragon

    Farplane Dragon New Member

  17. bluescorpion

    bluescorpion New Member

    Sounds like an Imitation of Boonex Social Networking (Dolphin). Its a POS too! Number One Cardinal Rule in Business, "Do not try to be all things to everyone" ... formula for failure!
  18. Monbanla

    Monbanla New Member

    Wish I could 've some glimpses of VB4!
  19. DON

    DON New Member

    That's why vB is going to be done soon.

    Look at the amount of vB licenses being sold by customers. Everyone wants to get out now with minimal losses.

    #1 vB4 is crap. The looks of it many people are going to be pissed.

    I don't get why vB DOESN'T STICK to making forums... these addons are just a quick way to make more cash and NO ONE wants the addons.
  20. kaB00M

    kaB00M New Member

    It's changing all the time, and i think it's great news!

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